Country Burger is a  multigenerational family owned and opperated in Snohomish County Washington.  Country burger mission is to serve our community by consistently providing a clean, fun, and friendly atmoshphere for our customers to enjoy great food.  
We have been feeding hungry families since the 1970s whether you are a local or coming off of boating or swimming at one of our local lakes we are here to serve you our old fashion burgers, shakes, and french fries.
We offer a cozy indoor dining and in the warmer months we have our outdoor patio.   If you want to enjoy your meal by the shores of Lake Goodwin or Ki, or at the comfort of your own table; we encourage you to call ahead and order takeout and pick it up through our drive through window! 



What they say about us!

Anne Poole

Everett Herald

February 15th, 2002

Those who orered burgers voted them a perfect "10."  The ample patties filled the sesame-seed bun and the American cheese was correctly placed and melted. The tasty ketchup-mayo "special sauce" and fresh, chopped lettuce were well balanced. 

Mark Carlson

Herald Writer

June 30th, 2010


 If you’re looking for standard American fast food in the north Snohomish County area, you will be much better off at this friendly family-run business than you would be with the clown, the king or the colonel.

Eat Stay Love Snohomish County


March 8th 2019


On a back-country road, at what seems like the middle of nowhere, is a beacon for deep-fried goodness.  The burgers are huge, juicy and delicious.  This is also the best place for a thick, hand-packed peanut butter shake as well.

Kirk Boxleitner

The Arlington Times

Februrary 16, 2014


 Snohomish Health District, presented awards on Tuesday, Feb. 11, for excellence in food safety to Arlington’s Country Burger.

Country Burger has become one of the cleanest and best operated food facilities in Snohomish County